Hands and feet

Your hands and feet are in good hands with nail master Vida and nail master Raminta



Classic manicure without polishing 12 Eur
Express manicure 8 Eur
Nail polishing (simple polish) 6 Eur
French nail polishing (simple polish) 8 Eur
Hand massage 3 Eur
SPA manicure 20 Eur
Gel nail polishing 10 Eur
French gel nail polishing (UV gel polish) 12 Eur
Gel polish removal 4 – 6 Eur


Express pedicure 18 Eur
Classic pedicure without polishing 22 Eur
Acid pedicure without polishing 27 Eur
Toe polishing 6 Eur
French toe polishing 8 Eur
Toe gel polishing 10 Eur
French toe gel polishing 12 Eur
Foot massage 6 Eur

 Nail extensions

Nail extensions without polishing 27 Eur
Correction of nail extensions 25 – 30 Eur
Nail art (one nail) 1 Eur